No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
9th Battn. R.T.R.



Jess dear,

At the moment I am having a fairly easy time… away from the noise and worry of the battle area.

I spent last evening mooching around a couple of local villages, and saw something of the plight of the returning refugees. The appalling living conditions and poverty of many of these people is indescribable:- it is better to try and forget such human misery under present circumstances… there is so little we can do about it. Presumably the authorities have the matter in hand and are doing their best.

I am quite well… and likely to remain so, I hope. We are being well fed and that means a deuce of a lot. The weather has been pretty miserable for the last day or two, although there has been less rain today. It is about time we saw something of midsummer weather…

Still no mail today… perhaps there will be some tomorrow.

Au revoir my dear,

Yours always,