No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Friday evening.

Jess dear, I have today received your letter dated Sat. 1.7.44, and that seems to indicate a slight improvement in the postal service. I hope it is maintained. You send me much news darling… 13 pages! How I love to have these long letters. (…)

Later. The appearance of the water-cart on its evening visit caused an interruption. It is a most important occasion. As you may know, we are more or less self contained in our vehicles, but water is something that has to be obtained externally when circumstances permit. And so, when the water cart appears, we fill up every conceivable vessel to tide us over the next 24 hours. The ‘official’ water supply is obtained from local streams, but it is purified and sterilised, and so quite fit for consumption. Occasionally we have had to use local pumps… and then all water for consumption has to be boiled… a rather troublesome business. We haven’t yet been forced to dip into nearby streams for our own water, but if this becomes necessary, we have our own purifying and sterilising tablets… so we are reasonably safe from infection.

Today has been fine and sunny once again… and we are still resting in yesterday’s rather delightful location. I have done very little all day – apart from messing about my vehicle and generally tidying up. And then, of course, the meal problem has occupied some of our time. At frequent intervals, our nearby big guns fire a few rounds and nearly frighten us stiff for the moment. Apart from this, and a few Jerry aircraft sneaking round, there is little evidence of war just here.

We received Tuesday’s newspapers today.. and I was shocked to see a report that Gigli is dead. I hope it is not true… even though he may have been a collaborationist. Incidentally, I find your little items of news very interesting, especially those which you receive via the radio. I shall always be glad to read of reports in this direction. Your interpretaions of the fighting over here are pretty accurate, especially those which concern myself and colleagues. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any details of our particular battles… as yet.

You send me many more interesting little pictures of Barry… and, as always, I am grateful for them. He seems to be developing marvellously… thanks to his lovely mother. It will be a happy day for me when I can see him once again…

Jessie, Jess… my heart aches for you, darling…

Good night, dear lady

Always – in love

Your Trevy.