No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Tuesday evening.

Jess Dear, It seems ages since I last wrote to you, although I imagine it was only a couple of days ago. But so much has happened in the interim that I could almost write a book about it. However… I have little time for long letters just now, and must confine myself to a few words to let you know that I am quite well as usual.

I must admit that circumstances just now are not conducive to letter writing: it is a mere sideline to this grim reality of war. Therefore, I must ask you not to expect much news from me, although I will do my utmost to write regularly. But if there are any gaps in my letters, please do not let it worry you.

I have not received a letter for a couple of days, but am hoping that I may be lucky tomorrow. The incoming mails are not yet arriving regularly, but this is only a temporary drawback:- I think they will become better organised very soon.

I hope you are well, darling – and not being driven half crazy by the boys. And Barry will be behaving himself I feel sure.

I think I told you that we were living mainly on tinned foods and biscuits. This is not as bad as it could be: and the biscuits are softer than those we had formerly… so I am by no means starving.

Good night, my love

Yours always,