No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Wednesday evening.

Jess Darling: In my last letter, I said I would probably go for a walk today… remember? Well, I didn’t go for a walk… thanks to the weather. It has been a depressing day… dull and cloudy… and so hot that the slightest exertion made us gasp: I have had two or three spasms of lying on my bed: it was easier to breathe there. Actually, we ought to have had a damned good thunder-storm to clear the air, and it looked as though our wish would be granted at tea time… but I think the Heavens must be constipated or something. The rain started alright, but it was a feeble effort and ceased after a few minutes: And now it is just as hot and humid as ever.

And so, our D day anniversary has been more of a Turkish-bath affair than anything else. This evening, some of the blokes here have summoned up some energy and a darts match is in progress: a noisy affair as usual. And that seems to be about all I have to say just now…

Jess… a day or two ago, I heard the tail-end of a recorded broadcast of Churchill’s election speech. Amongst other denunciations of Socialism, I was rather amazed to hear him warning us against the evil effects of nationalising the banks… and he seemed to speak of the dear old Bank of England with positive affection. I gather that all small investors and those who have saved a little for a rainy day are likely to lose their hoardings if the Socialists get their own way. Well now…fancy that. Too bad isn’t it. I seem to have heard the same story before somewhere. There was another election a long long time ago, and on that occasion, it was the P.O.S.B. investors who were going to be robbed… But of course they weren’t, because honest Baldwin and his party were returned to power. I think there must be a moral to this story somewhere – but I’m hanged if I can see it.

I do wish I could have heard the whole of this election address: I may have learned something. Perhaps we will have some newspapers tomorrow… Monday’s newspapers, and they may tell us the whole story. I believe Attlee has since spoken… but we didn’t hear him on our radio programme. It shouldn’t have been difficult for him to reply to Churchill. It rather amazes me that the latter is allowing himself to be used to pump this damned tripe over the air. The Tories must be very hard up for election propaganda to dig up an ancient myth.

I seem to remember, too, Churchill saying something about the ‘cottage homes of England’ and the returning warriors… or was it ‘heroes’. Presumably, we are not this time returning to a land fit for heroes… but only cottage homes fit for heroes. Winston must be less ambitious than our former war-premier.

I think I am going to regret not being at home for this election. There are bound to be some interesting meetings. It will be rather amusing listening to the Tories explaining away their post-war record. You must tell me as much as you can about it, Jess. We are rather out of touch with the latest news over here, and I would like to know a little about the election war.

Going to bed now dear: don’t expect to sleep very well in this boiler-house atmosphere.

Good night, my love


Your Trevy.