No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff
B.L.A. Paris



Jess Darling: I have a suspicion that my ‘sight seeing’ and rather colourless life in this place can have little interest for you: it is, after all, so much easier to read about Paris in a guide-book. But if I don’t relate my daily ‘reports’, what can I talk about? Today, for instance, nothing has happened, and I haven’t spoken to a soul other than the mess waitress… but I have been out seeing a little more of the city – just wandering around, a little like a lost soul perhaps, but getting some pleasure out of it. Unfortunately, I have nothing else to talk about, not even the pleasure of answering your letters, so please don’t be annoyed: I must say something.

Those letters… written for me at such cost in time and trouble – oh Jess – I could weep.

I have written to Dicky Hall today, hoping he will write and tell me something about the unit, but even though I have addressed my letter to the 9th, I’m not sure that he is still with them. If he isn’t then my letter will probably find him ultimately, altho’ I suppose I may be back with the unit myself by then. But in the absence of any further news or orders, I simply have to assume that I am remaining here indefinitely. I don’t really mind, altho it would be nice to have the situation clarified a little.

And then there is the leave situation too. I would like to be able to tell you something about it, but I cannot do so. Perhaps Dicky will enlighten me. Whatever happens, and even if I become due for leave this month due to a possible speeding up of the scheme, my temporary absence from the squadron will not prejudice my leave: a relief is bound to be sent in time for me to get away to schedule. I am almost hoping that we will be recalled soon: it has its drawbacks being so out of touch with everything.

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of my time dreaming about you and Barry and home, and I sincerely hope everything is alright. I try to convince myself that I would have heard by now, had anything been wrong. And it is comforting to know that there is no-one more capable than my Jess. Yes – I think everything is OK – apart maybe from a few more screws shed by the vacuum – and possible snags with the gas-cooker. But so long as you and Barry are well and happy, then the rest doesn’t matter a damn.

God! I do wish you were here, Jess.
Good night, my love
Your Trevy.