No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
‘C’ Sqdn. 9th Battn. R.T.R.
A.P.O. England.


Tuesday evening.

Jess dear, I didn’t expect being able to write to you this evening… but here I am: it is an unexpected pleasure.

As usual, there is little I can tell you about my activities, although this has been a long day and (somewhat different from) (bracketed words ‘blue-pencilled’ by the official censor – but still legible) those of recent weeks.

I have now been able to form some impressions of the ordinary citizens’ reactions to this invasion of ours. I had read in the press that the first announcements of the invasion had produced no hysterical demonstrations or flag-waving orgies, but had been accepted with an almost calm dignity and restrained optimism… as though everyone agreed instinctively that our great undertaking was too big to be celebrated with cheap publicity. This is precisely what I have noticed… (today particularly). (bracketed words ‘blue-pencilled’ by the official censor – but still legible). People are not waving flags, or cheering or posting up silly slogans. Troops are acknowledged with friendly hand-waves and smiles, but little else. Even children restrain their clamours although they do wave vigorously at the sight of soldiers. I have noticed in so many adult faces that their smiles were tinged with a look of deep anxiety. I can’t help thinking that there can’t be many homes which are not affected in some way by the present offensive. How true were Vansittart’s words when he spoke of the millions of broken happinesses in Europe!

More work tomorrow morning, followed by a ‘free’ afternoon: we will be free to admire the beauties of an army camp (to which we are strictly confined). (bracketed words ‘blue-pencilled’ by the official censor – but still legible).

I saw Noel Wright in a Naafi canteen just now. I wasn’t able to speak to him, but he seemed quite cheerful and well. Have also had a glimpse of Jimmy A. and ‘Horsey’ Ted.

I don’t expect to receive any of your letters for a few days:- but they will find me (ultimately) (bracketed word ‘blue-pencilled’ by the official censor – but still legible) so I will just have to be patient. Meanwhile, any queries you may have raised will remain unanswered – but I will deal with them eventually.

I hope you are well, dear. I believe you are, likewise Barry. I’ll bet you are having some fun with him nowadays. I can’t tell you how glad I am that he is with you:… but probably you know.

Good night, dear Jess.
Yours always,

Wednesday evening. 14.6.44

Nothing to report today: went for a walk this afternoon, and saw a film show in camp this evening. Hope to write again tomorrow.