No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
‘C’ Sqdn. 9th Battn. R.T.R.
A.P.O. England.


Sat. evening

Jess dear, I have been to the local cinema this evening… for a change. One of the pictures was… well, adjectival awful… about a crooner. The other was fairly good, but not worth writing about, so I won’t bore you with details.

My taste in literature has been pretty low just recently. I have read two or three ‘thrillers’ in succession, borrowed from the Y.M.C.A. library. They were all utterly stupid… without a fragment of merit, and I don’t know how I mustered the patience to read them. I think this reflects my state of mind… perhaps it is some form of escapism from other, and more depressing, thoughts.

But I am showing signs of improvement this eveming. I have just started one of Sir Philip Gibbs’ books… “Broken Pledges”. It is a novel with a political background. I think I am going to enjoy it.

I see by your last letter (the one I received yesterday) that you too have been experiencing ‘lovely drying weather’. Am glad to hear it. But I wouldn’t know anything about Rinso my dear. We don’t aspire to luxury washing in the army. As for whitening the clothes! What clothes are you referring to? I don’t wear petticoats or anything approaching white. Besides, what does the colour matter? So long as there is plenty of mud left in the washing water, the clothes are bound to be cleaner… aren’t they?

Thankyou for your kind remarks apropos the 19th. I will not forget it, dear one… it means so much to me.

Later, Sunday.

Last Sunday’s happy surprise has been repeated today… I received your letter of Thursday at lunch time. I shall begin to like Sundays much more if this sort of thing carries on.

As usual, I have little news for you. We saw an instructional film this morning… and attended ‘sports day’ in the afternoon. Fortunately the weather was fine for the latter, and it went off quite well. It is raining this evening, for a change.

And now, I think I am about to deliver a lecture… in fact, I’m sure I am. And in case you resent being lectured, I must warn you that you have brought this upon yourself (yes dear, that is moral cowardice upon my part… please forget it.) I think a suitable heading for my lecture would be “Causes of Lead in the Abdomen” or “Why your inside feels like lead”! You have told me that you experience this sensation whenever you commence operations with tools… and that is a statement which I believe because I know you are truthful, but it is so hard to understand… so unlike you… that I have been trying to find a solution. And I am forced to the conclusion that the mere sight of tools gives you an inferiority complex – thus ensuring your defeat before you even commence operations. Now… assuming I am right thus far… I must tell you that this is a very unusual state of affairs where you are concerned: it is in fact, unique. In the past, you have tackled every damned thing that came along… and you have always succeeded… even to the extent of conquering avaricious tradesmen, and impudent telephone officials. But when it comes to an inoffensive little thing like a screwdriver… your tummy turns to lead! On second thoughts, I don’t think this can really be true. You can repair things: you can even make things such as miniature clothes racks. There is nothing you cannot do, my dear… not when you really try. You will have to agree that I have spoken the truth: Your record speaks for itself. So don’t worry any more about lead on your tummy: there just isn’t room for it. I am right, my darling – yes?

Thanks for the criticism of my spelling: I will remember your correction… You must always tell me when I make these mistakes… it is so terrible being unable to spell one’s own language. I know my grammar is deplorable but that I have a slight excuse… not that I am proud of having to find an excuse. But spelling mistakes cannot be treated so lightly… they are so obvious… and so inexcusable to anyone who reads as much as I do. This is a serious matter, dear Jess… you need never fear that I will be annoyed by your corrections.

You have sent me very pleasant and happy news about B:- lots of little details which positively thrill me to read… I am grateful for them – And I am grateful to you, Jessie Mine… You are wonderful…

More tomorrow…
Good night, my love
Your Trevy