No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Monday evening

Jess dear, On Saturday last, I sent off a parcel containing the cosmetics and toy I mentioned a few days ago. In the parcel you will also find a paper copy of Richard Hughes’ ‘In hazard’: its inclusion was almost accidental. I had to find some ‘packing’, and the booklet appeared from somewhere and just did the trick. So now you have no excuse for not reading this yarn. It is one of the finest descriptive pieces I have ever read… and I would like to know whether you have a similar opinion. As you know, the main theme of the story is a blizzard… or rather a cyclone… or do I mean a tornado? Anyhow, it embraces the windiest wind ever conceived: it literally screams at you from the pages of the book. There is plenty of water too: ocean rollers as high as mountains: you had better wear a ‘Mac’ whilst reading, otherwise you’ll get drenched. But in spite of all levity, it is a damned fine yarn. Read it… and let me know your verdict – That’s an order!

Also in the parcel is a ‘Players’ packet containing a small tablet. This is a piece of ersatz soap which I got from a Dutch householder several weeks ago. I thought it would interest you as a tiny example of life under the ‘new order’. This stuff was issued to the Dutch people at the rate of one tablet per person per month. Just try washing yourself with it… but don’t ask me how the Dutch people kept themselves clean: I just don’t know.

I have little news for you today, my dear. I am not leading a very exciting life just now… in fact I have been rather indolent at times… but it is a nice change. The weather continues to be beastly. There seems to be no end to the rain over here: we suffer continual drought in Manchester by comparison.

Your recent comments about Jeffrey (RTG’s nephew) remind me that I haven’t written to Toddy (RTG’s brother) for ages. I suppose I ought to have written a letter of sympathy about the youngster… but it was impossible at the time. I think T. will understand, but perhaps you will explain matters to him. Likewise Kath and Dorothy (RTG’s sisters). I would like to write regularly to all of them, but it can’t be done. I am still receiving the ‘Guardian’ from K. with an occasional ‘Listener’. I have already thanked her for these papers, but you might let her know how much I appreciate them, next time you see her.

And that is all for tonight, my dear.

More tomorrow…

Au revoir