No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff
B.L.A. Paris



I’m having to force myself to write this, so I know it will be a lousy effort. I have only been half conscious all day, thanks to being on guard last night, and don’t feel so good this evening. But I will be able to have a good sleep tonight, and should be O.K. tomorrow.

I received today your letter announcing the big news about Barry… he is now able to walk! I was pleased to hear this darling. I know I have missed a lot in not being able to witness his gradual emergence, but I get much pleasure from knowing that you have had this privilege and that he has been in the hands of the lovliest and most capable mother in the world. And I have been kept informed of every little detail of his progress… and that is a good deal more than many soldier fathers can say. I don’t suppose it will be long now before he is running around the house like the proverbial two-year-old. It seems incrdible that on my next leave I may be greeted by Barry himself running to meet me. He was such a wee baby before… and so nice.

What a lot of things have happened since he came into the world! What a time you have had… and what worry! And myself… so busy trying to survive. And now… everything is so much nicer. We are all together, spiritually at least – and the future is full of promise and happiness. It is good to be alive, Jessie Mine.

Thanks you, dear, for getting the camera plates. they seem to have caused a certain amount of bother – much more than I anticipated. Had I known at the time about this Paris trip I would not have asked for them… because I cannot use them here… my camera being with the unit. But I believe it is safe enough, so the plates will not be wasted. Please do NOT send them on: my whereabouts are too uncertain just now. And there is the possibility of my having leave, too, in the near future. I will bring the camera home with me… and take some ‘photos of little Barry… and his mummy.

You may have read accounts of the forthcoming ‘Bastille Day’ celebrations in Paris – the first they have held for about 6 years. The official day is July 14th, but I can believe it will be a four day celebration this time commencing tomorrow, the 12th. I don’t know much about the official programme, but have heard that we will be involved to a slight extent on the 14th. Our searchlights are being used on the exhibition parade ground to provide light for an all-night open-air dance… and our band will provide the music. I will tell you all about it in due course.

Jess… my sweetheart… I must get some sleep. Please forgive this scrappy note.

Always… I love you dear.
Your Trevy.