No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
‘C’ Sqdn. 9th Battn. R.T.R.
A.P.O. England.


Wed. evening

Jess dear, I can well believe that the constant intrusion of visitors must play havoc with your plans… apart from the worry of entertaining and feeding them, and yet I think it is good that they are visiting you. For one thing, it is nice to have friends who are sufficiently interested in your welfare to call upon you. Furthermore… and this I think is more important… it is really necessary for you to have social contacts, especially under present circumstances, – And as your opportunities for visiting are now practically non-existent, I fear you would be living an abnormally lonely life if there were not such frequent knocks upon the front door. I know that you have sufficient work to occupy your time even if left alone… But such isolation is a bad thing in my opinion… tending as it does, to an excess of introspection… which in turn leads one to exaggerate ones hardships and so providing a rich soil for self-pity. I know you detest the latter as much as I do. I think you understand me sufficiently to know that I am not conveying any thinly veiled hints: I don’t believe that will ever be necessary. But I do want to remind you, dear that human contacts and conversation do help to add variety to your thoughts, so providing some measure of relief from that awful mental anguish which you have had to endure for so long. And so, providing our friends don’t descend upon you in batches, I am glad to know that you are in touch with them.

Your latest letter tells me about Frank’s visit… and I’ll bet that did surprise you. And in spite of everything, I imagine that you were pleased to see him, even though he has some queer ideas. You don’t tell me whether he saw the poppet, (baby Barry) (how appropriate that word seems!) nor whether he expressed any opinions – not that Frank’s opinions matter so much to me, but I like to know these things! He is lucky in his immunity, Jess… but I wouldn’t change places with him… maybe for more reasons than those you are thinking of.

I hardly know what to say about your reference to Kathleen Steele. I was certainly glad to learn that she enjoys taking the youngster out… so giving you brief respite. Maybe a few judicious hints will suffice to make her keep the baby out in the open.

I wish you too could enjoy more of the sunshine… But I know it is easy for me to talk and offer advice. The fact that you made an effort on Sunday is an excellent sign: I hope you will be able to repeat it frequently.

I have nothing to report about myself: I am leading a very uneventful life just now. But there is an atmosphere of expectancy about the place: – I nearly used the word apprehension, but I think we have passed that stage. There is more a feeling now that we ought to get started with this thing… and get it over without more delay.

Ah well… Good night, my dear
Yours always,