No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Friday evening

Jess dear,

I have not been able to do any writing for two or three days… and you may be wondering about my whereabouts. We have done one or two minor operations during the week, and this has resulted in long hours and a certain amount of movement. But today has been much quieter, and we have been able to attend to a few personal affairs… including “bucket-baths” etc. The latter, altho’ primitive, are a godsend under present weather conditions. We have had about a week of really hot weather, and the ground is now literally dried up. In consequence, the slightest movement anywhere results in solid clouds of dust which permeate everything and everywhere. Even a bucket of water is marvellously refreshing under these conditions.

I have done very well for mail during the last day or two – having received five of your letters and quite a long one from Johnny. Goodness knows when I will be able to attend to these letters, especially Johnny’s questions… but I will do so as soon as possible.

Am quite well, and have not yet succumbed to the mosquito plague, but they are terribly troublesome at night.

Au revoir, my dear,