No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.


D -13

Jessie Mine: Todays orders have confirmed the one day’s cancellation of release sailings… and my group is therefore now scheduled to leave on Dec 1st instead of Nov 30th:- so we are still at “D” -13. This is a bit of a disappointment – but it can’t be helped. I hope there won’t be any more cancellations, but you never can tell at this time of the year: especially with the Channel being so susceptible to fogs.

I have spent most of this evening with Les Challinor in the photographic dept. of the mess – generally messing about and amusing ourselves: I will enclose one or two prints if they are dry by the time I have finished this letter.

I have done a fair amount of reading today, Jess… and what I am reading is really nobody’s business… but as you are a special somebody, I will tell you all about it. My book is called “The Spirit of the Border” – and is by Zane Grey. Yes – it is a “western yarn” – but quite a good one and based on historical fact: it is not one of the more romantic type “western” with the usual hero and heroine coming through unscathed and leaving the countryside littered with the corpses of the ‘bad men’.

Tomorrow is not a holiday, so I will be doing my usual spot of work – and it will be a spot! – followed by an hour’s lecturing in the afternoon. It is a lazy life, darling… but not the fault of any of we fellows: I suppose we have to thank the Polish D.P.s for our seemingly useless existence. They are causing very little trouble nowadays… principally due to our presence here: if we departed, it seems pretty certain that the wholesale thieving would break out as before. If I were scheduled to remain here for much longer, I would certainly apply for one of the many educational courses which are now being organised over here… But in view of my approaching discharge, I cannot even contemplate education – on this side of the Channel, anyhow!

And now I am going to leave you again – for bed. Tomorrow… will be another day nearer to my Jess… and our little ‘pest’.

Goodnight, my Darling
Yours Always,

P.S. Am enclosing the prints, including two of Les Challinor: I don’t know whether you will see any resemblance, but I always think that Les has the same type of face as Mr Teale.