No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.



My Darling – The only news I can think of today is that we have bought a pig – a live one. It is a big pig, weighing four hundred pounds… and before long, it will be a dead pig, because it is going to provide the substance of our annual ‘Cambrai Day’ dinner – on Nov 20th, to be precise.

Now I don’t want you to get the impression that we are permitted to go around commandeering pigs and things – just to satisfy our appetites. It is the Poles and other D.P.s who think they can do things like this, and we are here to stop them.

In actual fact, we have had to get a special permit from Military Government to procure our pig – and the permit was only granted because the occasion was deemed a special one. So now, our pig is being extra-well fed – because he has to provide sufficient food for about one hundred and thirty men in a fortnight’s time. I have christened it George, after the S.S.M…


Have just been listening to the B.B.C. news – and in particular, to a discussion on the Far East by John Morris: perhaps you were listening too. If you heard the news, you would no doubt be interested in Ernest Bevin’s rather outspoken comments on Russia – and his sarcastic reference to Moscow Radio.

I must confess to being thoroughly bewildered by Russian diplomacy just now: before the war, when Litvinov was their foreign secretary, it was all so different. I always felt then that Russia was setting an example to the world by her obvious desire for peace, international cooperation through the League, and scrupulous observance of her obligations. But now… there seems to be far too much mistrust and suspicion. I could understand this a little better if we still had the same ‘old gang’ in charge of our affairs… but we haven’t – and the change ought to be obvious to anyone, foreigner or otherwise.

Oh dear! Politics again: sorry, dear. But before I leave the subject entirely, I want to tell you that the evening’s news broadcast concluded with the announcement that the ‘Foreign Affairs’ talk next week would be given by A.J.P. Taylor: he will be dealing with current European problems. This is the same Taylor I referred to in a recent letter, and I would like you to try and listen to him: he will be speaking after the 9.0pm news on Wednesday Nov 14th. I too will try and listen to him.

And now, dear, I have exhausted my supply of news for this evening… because nothing whatever has happened today apart from the usual routine. But I just can’t finish my letter until I have told you how much – well… you may guess what I was going to say, Jessie Mine. It is true though: I love you so much, Jess… and I don’t know how on earth I’m going to survive the next month or so: Even now, I can hardly eat and sleep for thinking about the day – the day – when I will once again be able to feast my eyes upon you… and enjoy the exquisite pleasure of your presence. This time, too, it will be for good – but that is something I cannot yet fully appreciate: it is altogether too significant to grasp. Perhaps when I have been home for a little while the truth will dawn upon me – and I will then be able to relax and learn how to forget about the army and the war… and re-learn how to be civilised again… and how to bring some happiness into your life – and above all, how to be really worthy of you.

Oh Jess… my dear Jess… I do so love you.
Yours – Always