No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.



Jessie Mine: I can’t think of anything to tell you today… apart from one little item of news concerning my discharge. It is just that we (22 group) have today completed our first official questionnaire appertaining to release. This was only the preliminary form requesting details of name, occupation, home address etc. Its significance lies in the fact that we are now the subject of official records: we are already entangled in the discharge machinery, as it were. It makes me feel pretty good-!

There was a letter for me today… the one dated Thurs, 11th, and telling me about Nora’s visit. You don’t say anything about Poppet’s reaction to Nora, but I presume he was as amiable as ever. I guessed that Bill Gilbert was fond of Barry, but it is nice to hear of Nora’s confirmation. I guess you will have to take Barry to the P.T. (Public Trustee) office some day… to let them see that accountancy is not the only thing you do well-! I imagine that “Jess’s baby” has been the subject of much conversation amongst your former colleagues. I think I will accompany you when you do visit the office – just to let them know that you had some assistance in producing the little fellow. I admit that I can’t claim much credit, but even a little is something to be proud of – especially for a first attempt!

Am enclosing a picture of our billet: my bedroom is the one on the first floor, above the figures in white. (Click here to see this post card.) We are very comfortable in the place, and now being looked after by a German ‘frau’ who does all the cleaning for us, plus a ‘handyman’ who attends to the downstairs operations – fire lighting, polishing, dusting etc.

This ‘Gasthof’ is very typical of many I have seen in German villages, both inside and out. The other picture enclosed shews some ‘Gothic’ ruins in the park attached to the schloss. (This picture has not survived.) This park is quite extensive and includes some lovely wooded pathways and a pretty lake. I haven’t yet explored the whole of it, but I like what I have seen. It’s a treat to walk in the park, after the gloomy and forbidding interiors of the schloss.

‘Tis bedtime now, my love:- time to go and dream about my ‘ticket;’…
It won’t be long now…
Jess… my Jess…
Always – I love You