No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff
B.L.A. Paris



Jess Darling: This has been another sweltering day with plenty of sunshine – but the fine weather does not deter people from visiting the exhibition. There have been large crowds today, and the inside place was like a boiler house: thank goodness my exhibit is outside and in the shade of the trees. I have been ‘on duty’ today – from 10.30 am until 1.0 pm. – and then from 5.0 pm until 9.0 pm. There was a good programme by the band this evening, and it was quite nice to be at work-!

I have today received your letter of the 24th, via the unit, and there is one part of it that rather puzzles me. You refer to Wilf’s visit with Dorothy – and you say “I told Wilf I am hesitating about voting conservative”. You don’t indicate that you were teasing Wilf… and so I wonder what you meant. What did you mean, darling: I would like to know. Incidentally, this is polling day, and I’m hoping you have made use of your vote. It will have to suffice for both of us because I am one of the ‘legion of the lost’:- my papers have not come through, so I’ve ‘had’ my vote. I feel very resentful about the whole business, because I’m sure the confusion could have been avoided.

Jess… you speak about taking Barry for frequent ‘walkies’ through the front garden, and I presume that he is trying to walk, holding onto your hands. How is he progressing? Does he like walking? And can he stand up yet without assistance? And… something else I have wondered – has he yet got all of his front teeth? Ah! I do wish I could see him, darling… I try to picture you and he together in the garden… but if only I could have a wee glimpse… He seems to have put up a fairly good demonstration for Jess Aldcroft (wife of Jimmy, B Squadron, wounded in action, Hill 112, 10.7.44): I hope she liked him. I want everyone to like him.

About the photos I have sent. Could you forward one of each to Aunt Ciss and Aunt Gert – if you think they are worth sending? I never write to them, and have not sent them a photo: they might like to have them. And if you want any more copies, I can easily get them for you.

And now I am going to ask you to forgive this lousy little letter: it is very late, and I feel a bit dopey. It must be a combination of coffee and the heat.

Good night, Jess my love –
Your Trevy.