No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Thursday evening.

Jessie Mine – I commenced yesterday’s letter with a moan about being ill… and I imagine you will be wondering what the hell-! Well… I felt a bit better this morning… and went again to the M.O. He said I still had a temperature, although it was down as compared with yesterday’s. He advised me to spend another day in bed… and see him again tomorrow. So… I have had another lazy day:- not entirely in bed, but more or less indoors.

There was a letter for me today… a much better tonic than all the doctors in the world… You warn me about the changed conditions at home… and suggest that it will not be easy for me to step into this new way of life… Now what can I say, dear one-? Will it be difficult for me? I really don’t know… but looking at the matter logically, I imagine that my new home routine will be a ‘doddle’ by comparison with the life I have known for the last four and a half years… And that, after all, is the comparison which really counts. Our former easy-going civilian life is really too far back to seem real nowadays…

You mention rising at 8.0am in the morning… and that, to me, is now a luxury hour: it almost constitutes what we call a “lie-in”-! And all the other irksome features in my new home-life… what are they really, darling? And what do they matter, anyway, so long as we can share them? To me, nothing matters… apart from being re-united with my love… I admit that my conception of home-life may be somewhat rose-tinted in view of my absence – in time and distance – but even so, there is so much to look forward to, Jess… so much more meaning to my new life-to-be, that I have no need to consider any possible ‘discomforts’ (a ridiculous word to use, that, isn’t it!).

All the same, I appreciate your warning… and am especially grateful for your promise to help me re-adjust myself, should this be necessary… I know you will help me, darling… You have always helped me, more than you realise, especially during these last terrible months… I think I can stand anything in the future… if it carries with it the privilege of helping you.


Jess… your letter writing was disturbed by our wee son… Mine, too, has been disturbed… by a rowdy gang of dart-throwers: I couldn’t concentrate in the din… And now it is almost too late. Am enclosing two cards illustrating my new home-! (Click here to see a card believed to be this mansion.) Actually, the place is much bigger than indicated by the pictures because there are two ‘wings’ at the rear making a (diagram here, showing 3 sides of a square) shaped building… I wish it were smaller… I already seem to have used several miles of cable fitting up the temporary lighting-! And I haven’t finished yet-!

Must go to bed now sweetheart…

Hope I dream about you… all night…

Au revoir


Your Trevy.