No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.



Jessie Mine: I have had a lovely treat today… No… it wasn’t a letter from Jess… it was two
letters, and both of them from the most beautiful wife I’ve ever known… Aren’t I a lucky husband? You mention having received four of my letters in one day… And that surprises me because they were all posted on separate days:- I never post more than one letter per day. Perhaps the delay was caused by the strike of dock-workers: only a couple of days ago, I heard that there were a thousand mail bags for troops held up because of the strike. I hope there won’t be any more similar delays in my letters.

Speaking of letters, I really think I am receiving all of yours, my dear. There are occasional delays… as today, for instance… one letter being dated Fri 5.10.45 and the other Tues 9.10.45. The former seems to have had a slow journey. But on the whole, I cannot complain. It would appear that I have omitted to acknowledge certain letters, and for this I am sorry… but can only explain that I sometimes get a bit behindhand with my writing… maybe due to our removals, or other upset. So please don’t think my failure to acknowledge some letters is evidence of their non-receipt. The particular letter you mention – the one with the enclosure about demobbing – was received alright. I can’t think why I did not comment on it, unless I had already referred to it in a letter which crossed yours..

Gosh Darling! I am sleepy: and here I must make a confession. This evening, I picked up my book, Lorna Doone, soon after tea – and became so engrossed that I simply had to finish the book. And I finished it… but it took me a long time to read those last hundred pages – And now -! well, ’tis late… too late for me to be writing. I know I deserve to be scolded for reading when I ought to have been writing to my sweetheart… but it was exciting at the end… and you did say I would enjoy it, didn’t you dear? You were right.

Before I go to bed, I must answer your query about my ‘pain’… You ask whether the doctor is treating me – and to that I can say NO. I haven’t seen or heard from the M.O. since I left the hospital. But you have no need to worry, Jess. I have been much better since my hospital visit, and can now assure you that the pain has practically disappeared: it doesn’t worry me in the slightest bit. I think the specialist’s statement that it would disappear in a few weeks must have been based upon his knowledge of “muscular strain” in the stomach. I imagine my detailed account would reveal the severity or otherwise of the strain, and upon this, he based his forecast… And I’m pretty certain he was right. So you must not worry at all: not even a teeny-weeny bit. I feel fine now, my love.

There is much more in your letters about which I must talk to you… but not tonight. I’m too sleepy… I want to go to bed to think about Jess and Barry – and all the nice things about you both.

Forgive this lousy letter, my love.

Your Trevy.