No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff
B.L.A. Paris



Jessie Mine: I have just returned from the theatre, where I saw “Arms and the Man”. I knew nothing whatever about the play, and expected something serious, with perhaps plenty of Shaw’s cynicism. But instead, I found a sort of Ruritanian comedy… with a certain amount of satire, and practically no dramatic dialogue. I quite enjoyed it… after I had sort of readjusted myself. The theatre was packed… almost entirely with American service people – male and female. I wondered at times whether they could follow the conversation, because it was very rapid in parts, and I have found that many Americans do not follow our English unless we speak a little slowly. However there was plenty of applause, so they must have enjoyed it.

And that seems to be all I have worth relating about my day’s activities. I have done a bit of mooching around during the day… but nothing interesting. It is still too warm for tramping the city, altho’ it has been a little cooler after last night’s rain.

As I have so little to talk about – and the time is very late – I am going to say good-night… and crawl into bed. Please forgive the short note, darling. I will do better tomorrow.

Always – I love you

Your Trevy