No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.



Jessie Mine: Your letter today tells me of Mr and Mrs Mills’ visit…


This time next Sunday, you and Barry will have been out in Mills’ new car… and Barry will have had his first motor-ride. You must tell me all about it, dear. I’m longing to know how he re-acts…


About that suit of mine. The answer is NO – I don’t want you to worry about the trousers at all – but I would like you to send the suit to the cleaners. To avoid any doubt… I repeat – I do not want the turnups taking off…


I have nothing interesting to report today, Jessie Mine. It has been more like a peace time Sunday somehow: I’ve only spent about two hours in my ‘office’. But Sunday is not an official ‘day off’: we work a seven day week over here. Todays lack of excitement is merely a coincidence.

We had three German ‘frauleins’ to tea… One of them could speak English a tiny bit, but not sufficient for conversation. The other two knew about as much English as I know German, practically nil. I’m hanged if I know how our fellows converse with them: to me, their presence is just embarrassing. It is rude to ignore them, but what else can we do in the mess? Fortunately, they didn’t stay long.

The proprietor of this place came in this morning just after breakfast… and he came to light the fire for us! I feel rather sorry for this fellow – sorry for a German! But I can’t help it: I’m convinced we have played a shabby trick on him – thanks to the major. Fortunately, the Jerry doesn’t appear to harbour any resentment.

I have started reading a book today, Jess – Can you guess its title? Probably not: It is Lorna Doone – the book we discussed whilst I was on leave. It seems rather a coincidence that I should have been able to acquire a copy so soon… It arrived on Thursday with a batch of other old books sent as ‘comforts’ from England. I think I am going to enjoy it, but can’t pass an opinion yet because I’ve only read about four dozen pages. It is being serialised on the radio, is it not? Are you listening to it?

Am going to bed now – to dream about that day in December when you and Poppet and I will be able to start living our lives. You’ve no idea what that day is going to mean to me, my love – But no! That’s nonsense. You know as much about it as I… It means the same to both of us: a sort of ‘equal and opposite’… It won’t be long now, darling.

Au revoir, Jess – my love
Your Trevy.