No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
‘C’ Sqdn, 9th Battn RTR,



Jess dear – I have not been able to write for two days, and do not know how long I will remain undisturbed here – but must say at least a few words… Am still en-route for the unit… but am temporarily held up in Antwerp. We left Paris on Monday… and went via Compiègne, Noyon, Ham, to St. Quentin. At St. Quentin, we harboured in a public park and slept beneath the trees. Yesterday, departed 7.0am, and travelled to Brussels via Le Cateau, Bavay – then over the frontier to Mons, Soignies, Halle… and so to Brussels… Arrived there fairly late… and then found that we had to go to Antwerp after all. But we slept in Brussels – on the roadway-! Travelled to Antwerp this morning – and after messing around for a couple of hours, we have now got rid of the vehicles…

Am writing this from a transit camp:- The immediate future is a bit vague, but have just heard that we may have to remain here for 2 days… We cannot travel on to Hanover tonight because the train is booked up… and it is doubtful whether we can be accommodated on tomorrow’s train, either… have to wait and see. Meanwhile… have to go and change our money, and see whether we can scrounge some ciggys somewhere… There are eighteen of us here and we haven’t a damn cigarette between us!

Will try and write more fully later.
Au revoir, my love
Your Trevy.