No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Sunday evening.

Jess darling: I was not able to write at all yesterday… and it doesn’t look as though I will be able to say much this evening. I am having a hell of a job to keep awake… thanks to having been up all night… But I must at least say a few words…

I went to Mr. Cornelese yesterday… to say a hurried farewell… and he gave me the enclosed enlargement of the ‘snap’… also two others shewing his little son ‘Willy’ and daughter Thea. I promised to send these on to you together with their best wishes etc. They certainly have shewn much interest in my family… and I of course have not been loath to talk about my dear wife and baby son.

I received a letter from you yesterday, Jessie Mine… the one you wrote on the 25th, last Sunday. And what a time you have been having! Those blasted pipes! It is high time somebody did something about British plumbing. It must be the most inefficient of all our domestic services. But cursing the industry won’t help you I know. I wish I could do something to help, dear one… but I can only talk… talk… Meanwhile you have four burst pipes to contend with: just another worry… Please don’t worry about my homecoming, Jess. I don’t care if the entire country is frozen solid… so long as we can be together once again…

I have just heard a wireless announcement about a further day’s extension to people already on leave:- this makes two days’ extension for some lucky people… and presumably my leave will automatically be delayed two days. So I now expect to be in England somewhere about the 15th. These delays are very irksome, but we’ll have to put up with them… and hope for an extension when it becomes my turn. Incidentally, there may be further postponements of sailings which will affect my leave, so please listen out for them on the radio.

Jess… there is a wireless set here… and four of my colleagues are listening to the Itma (It’s That Man Again, featuring Tommy Handley) programme: it is very loud and I’m damned if I can concentrate on writing: To make matters worse, the Dutch family here are jabbering away… and the place sounds like a zoo. I will go to bed… and try and catch up with my sleep.

Good night, my love

Always – always

Your Trevy.