No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.



Jessie Mine… This has been another of those awful sultry days: the air has seemed dead – and I think most of us have had foul headaches. We have been longing for rain all day, but the ‘celestial constipation’ has persisted… until late this evening. And then… at 9.00 pm we heard the first distant rumbles of thunder: the sky became overcast with torn and angry looking clouds… and the air became a little fresher, fanned by a minute breeze: we were able to breathe. Very soon, the storm had reached us – and it rained… it literally poured down, accompanied by much thunder and lightning.

God! How it reminded me of our artillery barrages! Each peal of thunder was identical with the opening chords of many barrages I have heard… but this time the noise was only momentary, and therefore little to worry about. It has been raining for the last hour, and the air is delightfully fresh… and we are able to breathe freely: it is grand. I don’t think I have ever before known such lifeless air as we have been wallowing in for the last two days: it has been like living at the bottom of a coal mine. And, just to complete my depression, I haven’t had a letter for three days! But there is tomorrow: I can go to sleep confident in the knowledge that there will be two or three letters for me. Yes… tomorrow will be a lovely day.

The only event I can recall of the past twenty-four hours is the major’s return. He got back from his course and leave last evening. I haven’t seen him yet, but I believe he has been surprisingly good tempered all day… so perhaps his rest has done him good! I know his absence has done us no harm!

The S.S.M. is due back too… and Dicky Hall. They should turn up any day now. The mess has been a little quieter without Dicky, but I must say I don’t mind Dicky’s noise. He is a great big hulking ‘lad’, and full of life: I like his ingenuousness and all round enthusiasm: quite a refreshing sort of bloke.

It is late now Jess: I was too lifeless to try and write earlier… and so I am going to bed. Please forgive this lousy little letter… I will do better tomorrow.

Au revoir, my love…


Your Trevy.