No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.



Jess Dear: I have your letter of the 25th telling me of your visit to Reddish… and several other things… and at least one of those other things is rather alarming to me: it is the news that you have recently fainted. Why did you faint, darling? Was it due to the pain of that backache… or was it something else? It is unlike you: if you were in the habit of fainting, I wouldn’t worry at all, but it is definitely not one of your habits… and that is why I would feel a lot happier if we knew the cause. Please don’t think I’m in a panic, my dear – I don’t think you are dying, or anything like that… but I do feel that fainting in your case is symptomatic of something more than a backache – and that is why I would feel much happier if you mentioned the matter to the doctor as soon as you can. You must do this Jess: it is so much better to be re-assured by a visit to the doctor, than to be constantly wondering – and worrying. I have a feeling that you are going to write back and repeat that there is “nothing to worry about”… but I will not be put off easily. To me, there is plenty to worry about: I can’t help being in love with you, my darling… and your welfare is therefore my main concern in life. Your knee is another problem… a big enough worry in its own way, but in a different category: we know what it is and why it is, and we know it is not an organic defect. All the same, it is nice to know that you have had it overhauled again.


It was nice to hear about the present from Mr. Cornelese: such a lovely little gesture wasn’t it. (Click here to see a photo and other references to the Cornelese family.) I think the doll is intended as a ‘Xmas present for Barry. Am going to write and thank Mr C during the next day or so.


I have nothing to tell you about myself just now – I am well, and not overworking myself (!)… And I’m spending most of my time dreaming… about you and Barry – and my journey home in a few weeks – my last journey home as a soldier. The days seem to be passing very slowly and I feel terribly impatient – but I think I can hold on – just about.

Do you know why I want to come home..? why I’m nearly bursting with impatience..? It’s because I love someone very much – and because I’m longing to do some ‘fratting’ – not ordinary fratting – but a special kind… with a special person – a very beautiful person… and oh! I do love her…

I’m talking about you, Jess… my Jess…
Did you guess?
Ah: you know all my secrets –
Goodnight… little lady…

Your Trevy.