No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Thursday evening.

Jessie Mine, Some time ago, I sent you your portion of my membership card for our Qui S’y Frotte Association. Will you let me know whether you have received it? If it has gone astray I will try and get another one for you because you ought to have a copy.

I have had another easy day again, Jess. And in this fine warm weather, it is quite pleasant being able to relax and take life easily. The hardest work I have done for a couple of days has been a bit of tinkering with my latest ‘toy’: it is working very well and has completely solved our lighting problem. It has definitely become a part of our equipment and will accompany us on our future journeys. My next job will be to give a ‘course’ of instruction to someone who has no tank responsibilities.

Once again, we have a rather crowded mess. There are five civvies here, enjoying our hospitality:- they certainly seem to enjoy spending their evenings in our mess, but whether for the drink – of which there is plenty… I cannot say. Judging by the noise, everyone must be having a good time.

Friday: Conditions seemed pretty good for writing last night, but there was an unexpected interruption and I couldn’t continue. This evening I don’t anticipate being able to say much, as there is a certain amount of activity in the air and I expect my troop officer will be after me very soon. However… I must finish this letter to avoid missing another mail.

I received a letter from you today, darling… the first for three days. (…)

I feel rather sad today darling: the death of President Roosevelt was an awful shock. His death is a loss to humanity and a great tragedy… but to me, it is almost a personal loss. As you know, I have always had a deep respect for him since that day in 1933 when I sat spellbound by his words as they came over the radio during his Inaugural Address. To my politically immature mind, his proposals for helping the under-dog of the U.S.A. were like a vivid gleam in a rather squalid world. It is positively thrilling to know that a man of such ideals, and such obvious sincerity, had taken command of America’s destiny. I believed him then, and have believed him ever since. It has been rather fine being able to have such implicit confidence in one of the world’s leaders. I only wish I knew of a substitute for him. I suppose I have been a ‘hero worshipper’… but am not ashamed to admit it… He was a great man.

I must leave you now, dear. We have a very early reveille tomorrow (4.0 am!) and I am going to bed… I hope to be able to write tomorrow, but may not be able to do so. You have no need to worry my darling. I will be with you again on Sunday at the latest… and this is definite.

Good-night, my love.


Your Trevy.