No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
‘C’ Sqdn. 9th Battn. R.T.R.
A.P.O. England.


Friday morning.

Jess Darling, As with yesterday, our time is more or less free… we are now just waiting and resting: but I don’t find it easy to rest… not mentally anyhow. I have been trying to read a ‘thriller’, but with little success.

Your letters are the most cheerful and inspiring thing in my life just now. Let us talk about them.

I have read your description of how you amused Barry several times. I love to picture you… kneeling there in the doorway and listening so happily to the little fellow’s gurglings and laughter. It is all so nice… and right. Please tell me more of these little stories, my darling: they help such a lot.

You refer to my comments about Sibelius’ 2nd Symphony. I can only confirm my previous statement about the 2nd movement although Monday’s performance was rather shorter than the full version. That will be the day when we can both listen to the whole thing… by our own fireside!!!

Your letter dated Monday describes the visit of all those people the day before. God! What a time you must have had! And how damnably inconsiderate of them. I am rather surprised that Dorothy hasn’t more sense… But perhaps she now regards you more or less as a lady of leisure… only having one tiny baby to look after. It would never occur to her that even one baby is a full time job if it is to receive proper attention: she wouldn’t understand this. It is kind of them I suppose to show so much interest in my welfare, but I hope they are not going to make a habit of calling upon you in ‘battalion’ strength. If this sort of thing happens again, Jess, I will have to consider writing to them at intervals so keeping them informed without having to bother you. The only alternative is to write and ask them not to visit you in strength. But that may lead to a misinterpretation… and possible friction… which I prefer to avoid under present circumstances. What do you think, darling? (…)

I suppose it is possible that the war, with its consequent separation of you and I has done something to bring us spiritually closer together. (…) I am not denying that I was attracted by a beautiful face:- but there was so much more than that. A keen intelligence, firm character, rich personality: an interest in life and its problems… a clean and wholesome outlook on things. And our mutual interests. There was, and is, your keen perception of beauty in so many of the everyday things of life… a perception which you have, in some measure, passed on to me. And how my life has been enriched because of this!… because of you! And now Barry has arrived… and he too is going to have you to help him, as you have helped his father. Can you wonder that I have no qualms whatever about his future development? Already, it seems obvious, he is a happy baby. Perhaps he is already aware of his good fortune… if so, he has at least something in common with his father…

And now I must leave you to catch the post. There have been a few interruptions since I started this morning, and it is now 3.00 pm.

Things may happen between now and tomorrow, so I cannot guarantee to write tomorrow. But I think I will be able to say at least a little this evening.

Au revoir, dear Jess –
I love you, my darling –

And I think about you ceaselessly


Your Trevy.