List of Personnel

Jess his wife and Barry’s mother, married in 1938
Barry son, aged 11 weeks when the diary opens
Poppet Barry!
Dorothy eldest sister
Marjorie sister
Tod or Toddy brother
Kath, (Kathleen) youngest sister
Fred husband of Marjorie
Olive wife of Toddy
Bob first husband of Kath, killed in action
John, Johnny Jess’s young brother
Haydn Dewey Haydn Dewey was Trevor’s cousin, on his father’s side, and a Church of England vicar.
Aunt Gert (Gertrude) Mother of Haydn.
Ernest Bland and Phyllis Lambert (Phyl) Ernest was a L/Cpl with the 7th Battalion, The Kings own Royal Regiment, India Command. Ernest was engaged (later married) to Phyllis Lambert, Jess’s cousin on her mother’s side.

Friends and colleagues
Garsden Pre and post-war work colleague from Edison and Swan Electric Company (Ediswan), Trevor’s boss
Stan and Dora Smith Close and life-long friends. They shared a very deep love of classical music with Jess and Trevor.
Cornelese family Dutch family from Eindhoven. Befriended Trevor from 8th October 1944, when they first provided hospitality for Trevor and other troops.
Wilfrid (Wilf) Colclough A close friend of Trevor’s, who wrote to him frequently. They shared an active interest in politics, and had similar opinions.

Lt Francis 15 troop leader
Tpr. Johnny (“Tiger”) Boland Driver in Trevor’s crew until wounded along with Bill Geary at Crèvecoeur on 20th August 1944. Subsequently transferred to TDU.
Cpl Bill Geary Wireless operator and loader in Trevor’s crew from 9th July 1944 until wounded along with Johnny Boland at Crèvecoeur on 20th August 1944.
Trp. Dave Slade Co-driver in Trevor’s crew.
L/cpl Ted Pestell Gunner in Trevor’s crew until transferred to Mr Francis’ tank in November 1944.
Tpr. Derek Pedder Wireless operator and co-driver in Trevor’s crew
Tpr. Eric Ward Driver in Trevor’s crew, replaced Boland.
Crick Gunner in Trevor’s crew, replaced Pestell from end of November 1944.
Sgt Dicky Hall Fellow C Squadron tank commander and friend
Jimmy and Jess Aldcroft Friend of Trevor’s in B Squadron, injured on 10th July 1944. Jimmy’s wife became a wartime friend of Trevor’s wife.