No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.



Jess Darling: We are still located in this village called Gümmer, and judging by latest rumours, it seems possible that we will remain here, altho I don’t think the anticipated move is yet officially ‘off’. If we remain here, I don’t know how we will be occupied because our former job is now finished… but I s’pose the army will find something for us to do…

The education programme is still proceeding, and I spent yesterday afternoon with the ‘electrical’ class. This is a pleasant side-line to the normal army routine.

I have done very little work since returning from leave:- the transport job seems to be looking after itself, thanks to a very competent lance corporal, and I intend to interfere with his routine as little as possible…

I find it difficult to settle down after my leave: I can’t stop thinking about you and Barry. It seems so absurd for me to be tied up here doing so little – when I could be doing so much at home. I know that my demobilisation is not far off, but I’m impatient, Jess: two or three months is a long time to be doing nothing. And when I think of your life – on the go from morn till night… I feel quite wretched. Conditions are far too one-sided for my liking.

I had a violent spasm of home-sickness last evening… thanks to a full moon and a beautiful evening. How I would have loved to be at home listening to Barry clamouring for his ‘moon’. Has he seen it since my departure? And is he still bothered by the ‘goch’? And has he forgotten about the ” ‘ophone”? It was nice, dear, to hear him asking for ‘more’. Oh Jess… I do like him: he is a grand little fellow – and a wonderful testimony to his dear mummy. I am eagerly awaiting your first letter bringing me more news of his activities… And I’m dying for news about my love. Perhaps there will be a letter for me tomorrow, altho’ if you have felt as little like letter writing as I have since leaving you, then I may have to wait a little longer.

I hope soon to be capable of writing some decent letters, meanwhile, I must ask you to excuse my lame efforts. My mind is too busy with the recent delightful past to concentrate upon anything else.

I love you so much, Jess…
Your Trevy.