No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Sat. evening.

Jess dear, Another quiet day here… and I have little to report. I had a chat with Jimmy Aldcroft a little while ago; he is quite well and cheerful. His wife has apparently been to Llandudno for a short holiday, and he believes she may be calling on you soon. This is the first time I have seen Jimmy since our arrival.

There was another letter for me today darling:- the first one addressed B.W.E.F… and dated Wed. 5.7.44. This is a big improvement. I heard yesterday that our mail will now travel via Air: this must be the first air delivery. I hope you will now receive mine with as little delay.

Later. Have just had my supper… a sort of mixed grill of various tins viz: pork and veg: stewed steak: vegetable macedoine… It seems to have mixed up alright and tasted O.K… rather like rabbit! And now I am waiting for my final cup of tea.

You comment upon the censorship of my letters… I fully agree with you. Mr. B. is interpreting the instructions far too literally, and I told him so. In fact, we have had a few arguments about it. He recently invited me to alter one of my letters, and I refused to do so… and told him to delete what he didn’t agree with. I suppose the offending letter must be the one you have just received. Speaking of letters… you mention the official request for wives to write one page daily. I think your reasoning in this direction is admirable. I simply love pages and pages and pages!!

There was more delightful news today about Barry. How thrilled you must have been to feel his little arms around your neck. And to feel him trying to bite your cheek! He obviously knows what is good, my dear.

My tea has now appeared… and it looks as though we are due for another shower. I am sitting in the open, on a petrol tin… and I cannot continue writing when the rain comes. So I will say au revoir… until tomorrow.

Good night, Jessie Mine

I love you, my darling…


Your Trevy.