No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Jess dear,

Once again I have little to tell you: the day has been quite without incident – apart from the rain, of which we have had plenty. I have received a letter from Francois: (preserved along with this letter, and, surprisingly, bearing the same date) he is the fellow with whom I stayed when we were at Limont, at the time of the Ardennes flare up. I will send you his letter as soon as I have replied. It is written in French, but we have managed to translate it.

I have received also your letter of the 2nd together with the enclosure from Johnny. The most amusing part about the latter was his revelation about your notice on the door:- it is good to read that your sense of humour has remained unimpaired, in spite of the presence of your harassing “lodgers”.

It is not very convenient for letter writing just now, dear… so please excuse this short note. I will do better tomorrow.

Au revoir…

Yours always,