No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.


D -12

Jessie Mine: In one week’s time, it will be your birthday – the last birthday you are going to spend as the wife of a soldier. I am sorry I will not be with you, dear one: it would have been nice to have a little celebration, wouldn’t it. In my absence, I would like you to buy a little present for yourself – assuming ‘presents’ are procurable!… and am enclosing four £1 P.O.s for this purpose. (…)

The only news today is that the men of 21 group left us this morning. There were six men altogether – four of them being colleagues who joined up with me i.e. Cpl. Eddie Wilde, Cpl. Sammy Stubbs, Cpl. Vic Crowe, Cpl.Frank Hodson… These are the first of the old originals to leave us: I think they are all thirty eight years of age… My turn comes next, darling… and it won’t be long now.

There has been a bit of scurrying around today, preparing for tomorrow’s Cambrai Day dinner, but I can’t say I have been very busy. It is mostly routine work for me these days… and keeping an eye on my ‘assistants’.

During the week, I intend to do a few more vehicle inspections:- more or less a parting gesture…!

I suppose it is natural for parents to lap up praise of their own children… and I am no exception. That is why I was so happy to read about Jess Aldcroft’s remarks. I don’t for a moment believe that our little Popett is, or will be, a genius… but I do not mind other people expressing such an opinion. It at least tends to show that he ‘has’ something more than the average baby… and that satisfies me… for the time being. Like you, my darling, I am proud of our little son… and especially proud of his mummy:- not only for the grand job of rearing the wee fellow – but for – well, lots of things… too many to write about. I can quite imagine how gratified you must feel to find Barry developing so splendidly – and affording you so much compensation for what you had to endure. Yes – he has a large head… and I like to think that I have at least some idea of what his birth cost you. You didn’t know then, dear, that you were producing so much potential happiness for us – Or did you? Yes… you knew alright… You knew all along that it would be a boy. Funny, wasn’t it, darling: you never even contemplated a girl-!

Ah well, I’m glad now that we have our little son:- perhaps you wouldn’t have made such a splendid job of it if our first-born had been a girl.


The wireless has been making an awful row for the last hour or so:- some of the fellows were listening to a broadcast of a boxing match and I couldn’t even hear myself think – so I gave up writing.

Before I go to bed, I want to tell you that you will soon be receiving £4 from Mrs Batt of Bristol: it is for you, not someone else, this time-!!

Good-night, my love
Your Trevy