No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.

24.11.45 (sic, actually 23.11.45)

D: -7 (sic)

Jessie Mine – The first batch of fellows is being ‘drafted’ tomorrow – abut eighteen of them – and a similar number will leave us on Sunday. And then on Monday, the remainder of the squadron will probably say good-bye to Ringelheim – altho this is not absolutely certain as yet. We should know definitely tomorrow.

It looks as though I will be fairly busy during this removal, as transport is an important item and has to be ‘organised’ and allocated… But I will not be too busy for at least a few words to my love – that I can promise you.

The only thing I have to talk about this evening is your letter – the one in which you describe Mr and Mrs Mills latest visit. (…) You can ‘book’ a date with them any time you like – but you must allow an absolute minimum of one week for me to be at home – alone – with you and Poppet. And during that week, I don’t want to see anyone else – if it can be avoided… I like the idea of sleeping at their house: it will enable us to spend the second day doing a few duty calls in the locality – apart from the blessing of not having to rush home at the last minute.

Thank you for the little story about Barry and his “peest”… I did like it, Jess. And now I want to know what this ‘peest’ is… Perhaps you will have sent me the answer – before ceasing to write to me: I hope so.

Today, Les Challinor has been making one or two enlargements of a ‘photo of Barry – and I may send them with tomorrow’s letter:- I cannot do so tonight because they are still wet. Les is very interested in photography and has rigged up an excellent little studio here. He rather surprised me this evening by asking your age. When I told him, he explained that he had wondered how old you were when Barry was born… because he and his wife both want a family, but have been forced to deny themselves owing to the war. I imagine he is not too well off, and his wife’s income during the war must have been almost essential: she is a school teacher – and teaches infants – and loves doing it.

Les seems worried about having a first child now – because his wife is forty years of age. As you can imagine, I told him how happy we are with our little pest (!) – and how glad we are to have had him when we (you!) did. I think he is going to try and persuade his wife to have a medical examination as soon as possible – a wise precaution under the circumstances. I have told him a little about you… only a little! – and have suggested that his wife could learn a thing or two about babies if she had a chat with you. So what?!? – I think we will be meeting Mr and Mrs Challinor – someday-!

Must go to bed now, dear one –
Be with you again tomorrow –
I love you
Your Trevy.