No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.



Jessie Mine:


Thanks for the further news about your back-ache: I am rather inclined to the belief now that it was ‘wind’ as suggested by your mother: I have almost “passed out” myself once or twice with the same complaint.


I liked your little story about Barry and his mummy sleeping together at Reddish. In spite of the discomforts, I’ll bet you liked having the little fellow so near to you – And his “eyho darning” – it sounds so nice.

Your thoughts about that little bedroom which used to be ‘yours’ were similar to many dreams of my own. I have good reason to remember it my love: I remember it from the interior… and the exterior… It was from that bedroom window that you used to wave to a certain youth en route for the tennis court. But I fear that tennis was often a mere excuse for a stroll past that window… just for a chance that that beautiful head might suddenly appear… and send my heart dancing skywards. It happened often… quite often… and so, I have a lot to thank that window for.

And then there were the exquisite little farewells inside your room. Yes, I too remember them, my dear: I can never forget them. But I don’t think either of us ever dreamed that one day you would be sleeping in the same bed with a little Popett, belonging to both of us… it is this present-day happiness which makes it possible for us to reflect upon the past without becoming too sentimentally sad about the passage of time. Let us be content with those delightful memories… and thankful that the present is so nice… and the future probably much nicer.

You pass some very kind comments about your husband… and, as I’ve said before, I revel in praise from my own wife and sweetheart. But you must be careful, dear one. It is so easy for a husband to become swelled-headed. One thing I was glad to hear you say, because it is so significant:- we have never “taken each other for granted”. That is a great blessing… and, for my part, I am proud to have justified this remark from you, dear. Of course – it is due to you, really… because I fail to see how anyone could take you – being you – for granted:- but it seems to satisfy my ego to hear such words from you…

I have no news for you about myself. At present, I am fairly busy doing some monthly reports and inspections on vehicles – but the details would only bore you. It is not interesting work, but merely good time and effort wasted to fulfil some typical army red-tape. You see, we are back on peace-time accountancy, and the “form issuing” and statistics compiling” departments are back in harness… and doing their damnedest to make up for lost time. I have been able to wade through pages of inspection reports – and survive the calculations demanded by the ‘red-tapers’… simply because it is almost certainly the last time I will have to do it: I couldn’t stick it as a permanent job.

And now to bed –
Au revoir, Jess… my love
Your Trevy.