No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.


D -14

Jessie Mine: I cannot think of anything about today which can be classified as news – or interesting – But I have written a letter to Kath. (…) I have nothing more to say in this direction… but will let you know if I hear from her again.

And now I still have a number of letters to write… including a reply to Dorothy’s long letter – but these will not require much effort.

Have I told you about Cambrai Day? No – I only mentioned the pig we have bought: Poor pig… he has been condemned – and will die tomorrow. I feel very sorry for him: I doubt whether I can possibly eat any of him… We are having the usual party on Cambrai Day – i.e. Tuesday next, the 20th. The dinner will be fairly generous… with sergeants and officers waiting on in accordance with ‘tradition’. In the evening, there will be a dance… and all that implies. Oh – the lads are also being given another little holiday from patrolling: it will be a two or three day holiday, including Tuesday.

And that seems to be about all I can say tonight, Jess. I am becoming worse and worse at letter writing… The reason, of course, is my impending discharge: it has completely upset my works – and I can hardly concentrate on anything, Whenever I think about it, I get a terrific bump beneath my heart… and then my tail starts wagging: I can feel it-! I wonder whether you feel as I do, darling. I think you do: we seem to re-act similarly to most things.

Have you told Barry I am coming home? You have? How many times? Does he understand you, dear? I’ll bet he does… the grand little pest.

Ah Jess… I cannot explain the depth of my eagerness to be with you – with both of you. Just to be with you for a normal leave has meant exquisite happiness to me in the past:- but to be with you for good – to be able to enjoy your presence – your friendship and love – without that dreadful anxiety of having to leave you – is something I really cannot imagine. I suppose the lovely significance of it all will dawn upon me soon… meanwhile I continue to dither like a half-wit at the mere thought of it.

Goodnight, my Jess –
I love you – so much
Yours – Always