No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.



Jessie Mine – This will only be a short note… but I must say at least a few words… having missed writing to you yesterday.

I want you to know, dear, that I am at present in the country… in a most delightful spot on the banks of the Ems river. We (a part of the sqdn.) came here yesterday for a sort of camping holiday-cum river patrol, and we are living under canvas. But this is no hardship in this truly wonderful weather. For two days now it has been perfect – cloudless skies, warm sunshine, and no wind at all: it is a long time since we had such ideal conditions. We are living in a semi-nude state, and doing plenty of boating, swimming, fishing etc.

I am now writing in the cool of the evening… and a nightingale is just starting his evening song… he (she?) will be singing for us all night… it is so lovely Jess. I haven’t known such peace, physical and mental, for a long time… If only you and Barry were with me… If!

Tomorrow, I hope to write you a decent letter, providing we don’t have the inevitable confusion of a move back to our billets… Personally, I hope we are allowed to remain here, in view of the prevailing weather.

I am enclosing one or two more snaps with this… They were taken by the major a few days ago and printed in our lab… I will write a ‘key’ on the reverse side. (Click here to see the photos.) And now I must go – have only time to write up the ‘snaps’ before it is dark.

Good night, my love – my Jess


Your Trevy.