No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.



Jessie Mine,


It is a far cry from our little ‘Poppet’ to the war… but my mind is so full of impending possibilities concerning the latter that I can’t help talking about it. As you can imagine, the ‘atmosphere’ over here is one of terrific optimism. We simply cannot get enough news… and what little we do hear, is repeated over and over again without becoming tiresome… such is the effect of good tidings. Speculation has become a favourite pastime… and ‘dame rumour’ is enjoying great liberties.

Last night, we had no wireless due to the failure of the local electric supply (a frequent occurrence), so at 9.00 pm, I went along to my tank to hear the news via the tank radio. You can imagine my surprise when I found three tanks, with their crews, already opened up and tuned in to the B.B.C. This is only one example of the keen interest being taken just now in events at the front.

I suppose people at home are likewise on tenterhooks… hoping for the announcement of… yes perhaps the most significant news item in history. I can imagine how you feel about it Jess. I’ll bet our wireless set is working overtime on news bulletins.


During the next day or two, it is possible that we will be undertaking certain duties, without vehicles, as a result of which I may not be able to write to you as regularly as I would like. It is even possible that we will be out of touch with postal services for short periods, so posting letters to you may also be a problem. Please do not attach any special significance to the foregoing, Jess… there is no need for you to worry. I will write daily if it is possible… but any gaps in my letters must not be misconstrued. Please remember this, darling.

There was a change in the weather yesterday: it remained misty and rather cold all day – and today has been similar. There has been no rain yet and the countryside is quite dry, but the mist is bound to interfere with our air operations, and this is a pity. Fortunately, the brilliant weather before and after the Rhine crossing enabled our troops to make a ‘flying’ start… and they seem to have completely outwitted the Germans. I doubt whether anything will hold them up now.

I can’t say any more now, darling: it is nearly dark, and once again we have no electric light or candles.

Be with you again tomorrow.

Good night, my love

Always and always

Your Trevy.