No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.


D -11

Jessie Mine – In the absence of anything better to talk about, I will tell you something about our Cambrai Day function:- the last Cambrai Day, so far as I am concerned…

It has been a general holiday, and I think most of the lads spent half the morning in bed – that is, until about 10.30am, when the colonel came along to say a few words. After talking to the squadron, he visited the sergeants mess, had a couple of whiskies, and then told us about various rumours circulating around H.Q. about the impending dissolution of the unit. He knows nothing about any such dissolution… so it would appear that the 9th will continue to exist – if only for a month or two.

The dinner was the principle item of the day – and I think everyone enjoyed it. Apart from the meal (beef, pork, soup, cakes, vegs. fruit, ice-cream, beer etc) there was a civilian dance-band, and they played appropriate music during the dinner… The band have been here all day, playing at the dance this evening, as well. It is made up of wounded German ex-soldiers: one of the instruments, the guitar, was played by two men – each having lost one arm.


Sorry, darling:- a bunch of half-tipsy sergeants came in some time ago and writing has become impossible. Hope to do better tomorrow evening.

Goodnight, my love.
Your Trevy