Sergeants at Gümmer, August 1945


Gümmer Sergeants photo

Sergeants at their mess in Gümmer (see letter 24.8.45)

Gümmer Sergeants photo back

Sergeants at Gümmer, back of photo. Note that the arrangement of numbers is mirror imaged to the photo but corresponds when looking through the photograph!


Trevor with a camera in the ‘dark room’ at Gümmer. Photo taken by Les Challinor. (See letter 24.8.45)

 Gümmer  Washing

At the sergeants’ mess, Gümmer.

Sergeants' mess, Gümmer

Sergeants’ mess, Gümmer (see letter 27.8.45)

Sergeants' mess, Gümmer, back of photo

Sergeants’ mess, Gümmer, back of photo