No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Friday evening

Jess dear, I had quite a varied mail yesterday… two of your letters, and one each from Jess Aldcroft, Phyl’s ‘Cpl Bland’ and McGuinness. I was expecting to hear from the latter as you know. He is very interested in events over here and I will try and write him a ‘newsy’ letter as soon as I have time. Meanwhile, perhaps you will let him know that I was glad to hear from him… should you see him. I was very much surprised to receive Ernest’s letter: we are hardly even acquaintances. But I will write to him soon… if only because I think it may please Phyl (Jess’s cousin, Phyllis).

It was nice to hear again from Jess. She says she will be visiting you again soon… and as I may not have much time for letter writing during the next few days, will you please tell her that there is still little news about Ronnie Larner. I have today seen Charlie Mansell and the only additional information available is that someone in the unit has had a letter from Larner’s young lady. This letter reveals that his eyesight has been affected, but not permanently so. Meanwhile, he is unable to do any writing. He appears to have suffered no other injury.


It is not a bit convenient for letter writing just now, Jess. Furthermore, I may not be able to say much during the next three or four days, but please don’t worry if you find a gap in my letters –

Au revoir, my dear

Yours always