No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff
B.L.A. Paris



Jessie Mine: You can imagine my delight when I received a further letter from you today. I had really convinced myself that I would see no more of your letters until I rejoined the unit, but I have evidently sadly miscalculated the speed of my letters. I imagined you would receive my instructions to start using the 9th address in 3 or 4 days… whereas a week would have been nearer the mark. I am darned thankful I made the mistake. There is still no official news about the departure of the tank crews, but a batch of about fifteen artillery men are going tomorrow… so our turn may not now be far off.

The fact that my leave almost certainly lies in the immediate future has an added significance here… I would have been loath to leave Paris with its comfort and interests, were it not for the pleasure of going home… with all that that entails. As it is, I am now becoming increasingly anxious to get back to the 9th: I don’t want my homecoming to be delayed a single moment if I can help it.

Your letter tells me of your visit to Dorothy’s and your discussion about ‘Dave’. (…)

I was glad to read that John and Stan (Jess’ young brothers) are not likely to be lodging with us on my leave: I wouldn’t like it a bit, dear. And I’m darned thankful you explained the situation to your mother. I can well understand the boys desire to stay with you in preference to going to Aberdeen… and I should hate to be instrumental in forcing them to accompany your mother… but this is a case where I can be unashamedly selfish. I want you darling… you alone. We only have a brief seven days together… and I want to spend them with you and Barry, not with visitors. Perhaps I will be able to let you have a definite leave date, when I re-join the unit, meanwhile, your mother had better hold her plans in abeyance – or take the boys with her. The latter alternative would be awful for John and Stan I know… but it is the only solution.


There has been an interruption… and now I must say au revoir.
‘Tis very late –
More tomorrow –
Good night, my love
Your Trevy.