No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff
B.L.A. Paris



Jessie Mine: I have been out on a social visit this evening and it is now too late for me to say more than a few words. For some time now, a Mr. Taylor has been asking us to spend an evening with him… and today Jake and I have been to his home at St. Cloud. This Mr. Taylor was born in France, but his father is English. I presume Taylor Junr. is a Frenchman, but he speaks good English. He visits our tank at the exhibition about twice a week and seems to like talking with us. This afternoon, he and Jake went to the races at Longchamp, and I joined them after tea… and we talked for a long time. And that’s about all there is to say aboput that.

I was on duty from 1.0 pm until 5.0 pm today and so have done a little work. I have never before seen the place so crowded: I think the attendance must have been a record. People were even clambering on the vehicles outside to see the special displays by the P.T. team and the guard, and the gun assembly crew. The band too was surrounded by dense crowds. It was almost impossible to move around my vehicle because the band audience overflowed into the roadway.

The exhibition is certainly very popular and if these attendances continue, I shouldn’t be surprised if the intended closing date (20th or 21st July) isn’t postponed. I don’t mind if it is. It will suit me fine to be recalled from Paris and sent straight home on leave sometime in August – assuming I am getting leave in August. I still know nothing official about this second leave, altho’ different troops tell me that it is definitely being allowed. I will learn the position with the 9th in due course, but it is too early yet to make official enquiries by post. I prefer to remain ‘forgotten’ here until we are nearer the time for my presumed leave.

We are again in the midst of a heat-wave in Paris. And today, I think the sun has been shining ceaselessly since sunrise. It is really lovely weather, Jess… even though we do ‘tick’ about the heat. But the wearing of ‘shirt sleeve order’ makes life far more comfortable for us. Yes – I can stand plenty of this.

I hope you are having similar conditions – and enjoying a little out-door life with Barry. Have you been to Poynton lake since your trip with Hilda? I hope you have. I’m sure that was a happy day for you.

Must go to bed now, my sweetheart – Jake sleeps in the same room as I, and I know the light is keeping him awake:-

‘Tis very late.
Good night, Jess dear

Always – in love
Your Trevy.