No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Sunday evening.

Jess Darling: Once again I have little of interest to tell you… unless you consider a battalion church parade interesting. It was a typical affair – the squadron was inspected first by the sergeant major, then the major. We were next marched off to the H.Q. area and lined up with the other squadrons. Here we were ultimately inspected by the colonel: he was accompanied by the major, the adjutant, the R.S.M. and the S.S.M… Quite a procession of inspectors! Meanwhile, a couple of blokes in the squadron fainted and had to be carted off. This usually happens:- standing rigidly to attention for long periods is beyond some fellows. After this inspection, I departed with all the other “O.D’s”… and left the rest of them to attend the service and the march past. The whole programme lasted four hours: from 8.30 until 12.30 pm. My part was over at 10.15 am:- it was quite enough. Major Holden and Capt. Link were invited to our sergeants’ mess after the ‘show’ for a drink to celebrate the major’s D.S.O. We had a pleasant half hour swopping yarns.

During the afternoon, I managed to get interested in a book, and read until tea-time. I had thought of going to see Mr C, (Mr. Cornelese) but he is 20 miles away, and I am not too partial to hitch-hiking under present circumstances. Perhaps there will be a passion truck to the place very soon.

19.3.45 Monday

There was a sudden interruption last evening… but I intend to finish this letter tonight, come what may.

There was a lovely letter for me today, darling… the one in which you told me of Barry’s first move in a forward direction. I did laugh at your description of him with his “head up the chimney”: I would love to have seen him. The poor old clock has had a rough time, but I suppose you won’t mind the missing knob, so long as it keeps going. I was amused, too, to read of Barry’s chewing habits: I’ll bet he keeps clear of bath-salts in future!

I think your suggestion about N. Wales is a good one for a post-war rest from visitors. Since my return from leave, I have often regretted that we were unable to go away somewhere into the country… just the two of us:- one of those little hikes which we used to enjoy so much… with Jess knocking hell out of my walking stick… And with the wind playing tricks with your lovely hair… and your cheeks glowing.

Oh Jess… I have such happy memories of our little walks: we will have plenty more… on our post-war honeymoon. And if we do go to N. Wales, your Auntie will be able to look after Barry whilst we are out… assuming you will trust him with a comparative stranger! But we mustn’t start making such exciting plans as yet… The thoughts of me being free again leave me gasping: When the war is over, dear one… When I have had a few days in which to become accustomed to being a ‘mister’… to learn a few civilised habits… then we will go away… the three of us.

We have had a fairly busy day today working on the vehicles – and getting very dirty in the process. We even did a couple of hours work after tea… taking advantage of this present fine weather. There is talk of football matches etc. but I don’t think I will play. I prefer reading or writing over here.

Jess – Good night, my darling

I love you so much.


Your Trevy.