No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood, R.T.
9th Battn. R.T.R.


Friday evening

Darling Jess: This is terrible…a shocking state of affairs… I am almost too dizzy to write to my love… and all because I have drunk some champagne. The news, Jess… the incredible news has at last been announced… Our enemies have capitulated… No more battles… No more slaughter… Never again will I hear those dreadful words “we are going into action”. Jess… I can hardly believe it. I suppose it is true, but my mind is so conditioned that it will take some time to get used to the idea that my life is now my own… and yours. Very soon now dear, we will be able to learn to live again… to be together… inseparable for evermore… It is all so overwhelming… I hardly know what to say. We learned about the surrender early this evening… but did not believe it until it was announced over the radio at 8.30 pm… And then… well, I s’pose we went crazy.

There were about nine of us in the mess here… And in less than half an hour, four bottles of champagne had been opened… and emptied! Things then began to happen… and the wreckage is around me as I write. But the really drunk sergeants, including Dicky, have gone, so the atmosphere is now a little more peaceful: in fact the silence is almost oppressive!!

I do believe I was partly responsible for the commencement of this orgy… I couldn’t resist leaping at our large map shewing the war-fronts, as soon as the announcement came through. I tore out every darned drawing pin marking the 2nd Army front… making a clean sweep of the north of Germany… And then the fun started.

It is strange how we re-act to momentous news… I have been almost in tears once or twice during the evening… but have managed to retain control of my emotions. But when I think of you dear… You are probably alone, apart from Barry… You don’t know whether I am safe… You cannot be jubilant… You must still be apprehensive… wondering… always wondering… and worried. But it is all over for us now, dear one… Don’t worry any more, my love… Perhaps in a few weeks we will be together again… for good. Jess… I could say a lot more… but, somehow, my mind is a bit confused. Forgive me for saying so little… I will be better tomorrow, when I have recovered my equilibrium.

I love you, darling…

Always… and forever…

Your Trevy.