No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
‘C’ Sqdn. 9th Battn. R.T.R.
A.P.O. England.


Thursday evening.

Jess dear, Many of us have had a very easy day… having done nothing all day, apart from listening to a lecture for about an hour this morning. it has been quite warm and sunny and I have spent most of my time reading… apart from queuing up for meals and the Naafi. I have become a very patient “queue-er-up” lately… from necessity, not choice.

The confinement ban is again relaxed this evening, and I intend going for a stroll… and a change of scenery. I don’t think there is any more I can tell you just now. Maybe I will find something to talk about during the evening.

Later. We have just received a huge mail, and there were three letters for me… two of yours, and one from Garsden (a work colleague). You can imagine how delighted I was to see your letters:… G’s. doesn’t really matter! And now I have plenty to talk about, but I will have to defer this until later because I have arranged to go out for an hour or so. Be back as soon as poss…


In Dorothy’s recent letter, she mentioned K,s new acquaintance, but gave few details. Your reference to this subject was therefore no surprise, All the same, I thank you for the details. like you, I am glad she has found someone to interest her and keep her mind off Bob… but I cannot make up my mind whether such an association would be a good thing for her if it became more serious. Perhaps she is just trying to be decent to a lonely soul… I hardly know what to think… but if she is now happier, I suppose that is what really matters.

I presume the boys are now with you… and I imagine you are already trying to ‘organise’ them. Heaven help them if they upset B… but I don’t think they will dare to risk the consequences… do you?

I was immensely tickled by your account of the bush by the door. Really Jess! A woman of your age!!! But why speak of age? Some people know how to be perpetually young… and why not you? Anyhow, I hope you will continue crawling around the place on hands and knees: it is good practice for the future!

It is now almost too dark to write… and we have no lighting here, so I must leave you. But I will be writing again tomorrow.

Good night, my dear
Yours always,