No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.


Jessie Mine: I feel terrible… and I mean terrible. It is now after midnight… and here I am only just starting your letter. And what is worse, I did not write to you at all last evening. I cannot justify this neglect of my sweetheart – but I can tell you the why and wherefore of it… and hope you will not judge me too harshly.

Last night, we had two visitors… two people we haven’t seen for some time – and as they had come about thirty miles to see us, we gave them a sort of welcome. The visitors were the Regimental Sergeant Major, and the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant – the two most senior N.C.O’s in the unit. You know their names – the former being Edwards – our erstwhile S.S.M. – and the latter being David – my original squad corporal… and both of them ex-‘C’ Squadron blokes. We talked… and talked… and it was well after 1.0am when they departed-! They brought us one item of good news – that Major Crawshaw was leaving C Squadron this week-end. Next to Major Holden, he is the senior major in the unit, and thereby qualifies for the Battn. second-in-command when Holden departs next Monday. And so, we lose another squadron commander to become 2 i/c of the unit… but we aren’t sorry to lose this one.

Our new squadron commander will be Capt Gulland – who will become a major. He joined the unit whilst I was in Paris, and came to ‘C’ squadron a fortnight ago, to replace Capt Link – the latter having been promoted to major i/c H.Q. squadron about 10 days ago…

Doesn’t all this sound like gossip! Anyhow, I think we will be better off with Gulland: will tell you about him later.

This evening… Gosh! what argument! We have been having a discussion – on – politics… Just fancy that-! It all started because of the dockers strike – and my trying to put in a good word for the dockers… I can’t go into details, my dear – but you know how these discussions proceed. It was interesting – and I think we all enjoyed it.

Have plenty to write about Jess… but time is against me. Please forgive me for saying goodnight now – until tomorrow.

Goodnight, my darling
Your Trevy.

P.S. Another big letter for me today. You are a sweetheart