No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
C Sqdn, 9th Battn R.T.R.


D -17!

Jess Darling, I fear this will only be a short letter: for one thing, I haven’t much to talk about – and secondly, we have visitors here this evening – and I have been gassing for some time. The visitors are two sergeants from ‘A’ squadron: they are en-route for 72 hours leave at Bad Harzburg. This squadron is a long way from Bad Harz. – and so they have made this their base for the night and will depart in the morning.

One of these sergeants is Noel Wright: it was quite a surprise to see him at tea time, as we had no idea he was coming. The first thing that struck me about him was his ‘corpulence’. It is months since I last saw him and he seems to have become decidedly more fleshy in the interim. I find that he is the same group number as I, and will therefore leave the unit on the same day. I suppose too, that we will go through the various stages of demobilisation together. I haven’t had any intimate conversation with Noel: I can never find out whether he has any particular interests: I suspect not – I suspect too that he has typical “middle class” views on politics – but I don’t know definitely.

I have done a little work today, darling – nothing interesting, but it kept me at the schloss most of the day – and for an hour this evening. The education programme too is continuing, and I spend an hour each afternoon with my classes.

During the next few days I am going to try and write a few letters…. just to let one or two people know that I expect to be out of the army around ‘Xmas. Am not giving any precise details, my dear… so please don’t think I am asking for hordes of visitors. I must let the firm know, for instance… and Mr and Mrs Parry – and perhaps Aunt Gert. I will also write and tell Mr Cornelese – and ‘Francois’ at Limont.

And now to bed – a little earlier than usual – but must try and make a habit of getting more sleep.

Good-night, my love
Your Trevy.