No. 7925934. L/Sgt. Greenwood.
‘C’ Sqdn. 9th Battn. R.T.R.
A.P.O. England.


Saturday evening.

Jessie Mine, There is so little happening at the moment that I hardly know what to talk to you about. There has been no incoming mail either, since your two letters on Thursday. I feel horribly isolated from you dear… but I am not worrying. Something tells me that you will by now have cured your cold… and I know too that Barry has the blessing of your love and attention, so he is alright: I do envy the little chap…! I believe we will be allowed to go out again this evening: I may go to the pictures. It will be a change from the depressing atmosphere of this camp.

I feel very restless: there is so much uncertainty about everything just now. And this waiting doesn’t help matters… not that I am anxious for whatever activity may lie ahead, but it is a bit nerve-racking being poised on the brink of God knows what for so long. I notice much enforced gaiety among my colleagues, particularly the younger ones. I suppose this is natures way of helping them to escape from reality. But they are all in good spirits, and very cheerful on the whole.


Have just returned from the cinema. Most of the fellows here have been raving about a picture called ‘Melody Inn’ featuring Dorothy Lamour… so I went to see it. It was a ‘romantic drama’ cum musicale, with plenty of crooning by the glamorous Dorothy. I only have myself to blame for seeing it…

Jessie Mine… how are you managing with all the bother and complications of running our little house? I often try to think of all the things that you have to attend to… things that ought to be done by your husband… And the garden! I know you have ceased to worry about it, but has it been at all productive this year? I refer to the strawberries in particular. There are fields of them down here… and I tasted some the other day. Have you had many of ours? or have our visitors helped themselves too liberally?

And are all those gadgets behaving themselves?… vacuum cleaner, wireless set, pram, bicycle, taps and drain plugs, water pipes… and all the other things which seem to have a fascination for gremlins. Incidentally I would never have thought of looking down a frying pan handle for gremlins, but it just shows, doesn’t it. Mind you, I think it is possible for water to get down the hole… or even a drop of fat, but I think it must have been gremlins in your case. Ah Jess… if only I were with you… husbands are a fairly good antidote to gremlins…

I dream about you so much, dear:… about you and our little fellow… and the happiness that will be ours when this beastly war is over. Perhaps it won’t be long… Meanwhile, I never forget that I am one of the luckiest of men. I have you: I have your love: and we both have our little son. Can you wonder that I know the meaning of happiness?

Whatever the future holds in store for me, you can rest assured that nothing whatever can deprive me of that inner happiness and tranquillity with which you have endowed me.

I love and respect you, Jess.

It will always be so.

Good night, my darling,

Your Trevy.

P.S. It is now 10.20 pm… I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am hoping to be able to write to you again.