No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff
B.L.A. Paris


Sunday evening

Jessie Mine: Today has been mainly one of preparing for our departure tomorrow. We spent all morning loading the tanks on the transporters… and then I had the job of arranging food supplies etc. with the quartermaster. Officially, it will only take two days to reach Brussels, but we are taking three days food, – in case of breakdowns etc. Tomorrow night, all being well, we will sleep at St. Quentin.

This evening – well – I’ve been having my last look at Paris by night – and if it were not for the prospect of my leave… and Jess – and home… I think I would be quite sad about going. But I am not sad, dear: I’m quite excited: tomorrow will be the beginning of the journey to my sweetheart… the journey I have dreamed about since we last parted.

Whilst we were working with the vehicles this morning, the colonel came along and thanked us for everything we had done. He obviously knows that our stay in Paris has been a holiday… he took steps to ensure this… but it was nice of him to let us see that he officially regarded us as having been on duty here. He mentioned too the strained political relations between Britain and France whilst we have been here – and said he thought our behaviour had been excellent… Of course, he had to say something like this, but I had a suspicion that he meant it.

And now, dear Jess – I must do my final packing up: I won’t have a second to spare in the morning because we are departing at 7.0am – reveille 5.30 – and I’m not used to such early hours-!

So this is just au revoir to you darling – but it is good-bye to Paris – for the time being at any rate. I hope to come back someday… under different circumstances… and with the loveliest little lady in the world to keep me company…

Good-night, my love
Your Trevy.