No. 7925934. Sgt. Greenwood.
British Army Exhibition
British Army Staff

B.L.A. Paris


Jess dear… I have hardly time to write, but I must let you know that I have arrived – and I have no complaints to make about my temporary change of occupation. From what I have seen so far, it looks as though this will be more of a holiday, than a duty. We only arrived this morning, and I have been busy ever since on routine jobs, and have visited the exhibition and generally ‘reccied’ the place.

The exhibition itself is in the Grand Palace exhibition hall, but the heavy stuff, including our tank is in the open… right on the side walk of the Champs Elysses. I have seen little of Paris as yet, but am looking forward to a few sight-seeing trips. It is impossible for me to attempt a detailed account just now of the last two or three days, but I will write you more fully tomorrow.

Our accommodation is very good – I am staying at the Hotel Mondial, off the Boulevard Montmartre. We have full hotel service, including civilised beds, baths etc. and are waited on hand and foot by the staff. There will thus be no army “interior economy” whilst we are here – We don’t even make our own beds!

Please note my new address – and don’t put 9th R.T.R. when writing to me: if you do, your letter may end up in Germany with the 9th.

Please ‘scuse scibble and haste.

Always – I love you dear.

Your Trevy